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The office of Dr. Maryellen Romano is committed to promoting the well being of women at every stage of her life. Through education and dialogue we seek to empower our patients to maintain informed responsibility for their health care decisions. Our patients will be treated with respect in an atmosphere of caring and compassion.

• Annual Exams
• Birth Control/Family Planning
• Breast and Pelvic Exams
• Colposcopy
• Counseling
• Including but not limited to abnormal pap smears, healthier lifestyle, menopause, PMS, STD exposure
• Endometrial Biopsies
• Hormone Replacement Therapy
• Incontinence Evaluation and Treatment
• Menstrual Regulation
• Pap Smears
Pap Sure
• Sonograms- Accredited by the American College of Radiology
• STD Testing
• Teen Health
• Urodynamic Testing

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